Castlereagh Imaging is a proud partner of several successful sporting teams and works closely with each club as the Preferred Medical Imaging Provider. 

Providing much-needed services across different sports including AFL, Soccer, NRL, Netball and beyond Castlereagh Imaging is a go-to when the best radiology care is needed.  

Castlereagh Imaging works closely with the GIANTS AFL team to provide services such as: 

  • CT scans, which is an x-ray examination performed with a computerised x-ray scanning machine. The CT scan looks at the body in cross section.  
  • MRI scans, which provides detailed images of soft tissue, bone, fat, muscles and the internal organs of the body. 
  • Ultrasounds, which can be used to diagnose muscle tears. 
  • And x-rays, which are the most popular service for determining broken bones.  

Castlereagh Imaging is pleased to provide many wonderful teams with exceptional radiology care so they’re equip with the best recovery plan and can get back on the field or court in the shortest time possible.  

We also partner with the Sydney Swans, Manly Sea Eagles, Western Sydney Wanderers, Sydney FC, Macarthur FC, NSW Swifts, GIANTS Netball and the NSW Institute of Sport.  

For all your radiology needs, contact Castlereagh Imaging.