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What is a Cone Beam CT scan?

What is a Cone Beam CT scan? A Cone Beam CT is a new type of dental 3D imaging which provides high resolution scans of the teeth, jaw and surrounding anatomy with low radiation exposure. Patients typically stand while the machine performs a single rotation around their head in 10-15 seconds. Patients can also be seated if required.

The data is reconstructed into 3D images using specialised software. The images allow dentists or doctors to view teeth and facial bones quickly and easily in any plane, facilitating accurate diagnosis and enhancing treatment outcomes.

Cone Beam CT imaging is useful to assess impacted and extra teeth, plan dental implants, review dental pathology and trauma, and assess TM joint arthritis. There are also applications in endodontics (root-canal treatment) and orthodontics.

Is there any special preparation required?

It is preferable for patients to phone ahead and make an appointment to ensure they are seen quickly and not kept waiting. No special preparation is required, but patients will be required to remove any jewellery or metallic items from the head and neck region, including any piercings, hair accessories, dentures and plates, as these often interfere with image formation and produce unwanted artifacts (or non-diagnostic shadows/markings on the image).

Dentists and specialists may provide patients with a special plate to wear during the scan – please bring this to the appointment.

The scan usually takes between 10 and 15 seconds; it is important that patients remain absolutely still during this time to help us get the best images.

Who can refer for a Cone Beam CT Scan?

When referred from a specialists or dental specialists (e.g maxillofacial, orthodontists and ENT) patients are eligible for a Medicare rebate.

If referred by a Dental practitioner there is no Medicare rebate and patient will be out of pocket.


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Please remember to bring your Medicare Card and referral to your appointment.

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