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CAS Imaging Online Reports

Online Reports & Images

Castlereagh Imaging prides itself on providing practitioners and their patients with a relevant and technically accurate diagnostic service.

Doctor And Patient

Doctors Telehealth Update

At Castlereagh Imaging we are Telehealth ready!

We understand the pressures currently placed on primary healthcare providers and we are here to support you, your staff and patient during this difficult time.

Doctor Writing

Referral Stationery

Castlereagh Imaging has developed a number of referral stationery formats that our referrers can access to assist in completing requests for various examinations, in line with the Medicare Benefits Schedule guidelines.


Client Services

Our Client Services team ensures the service provided to our referring clinicians and their staff is prompt and efficient. Contact our client services team and our dedicated, specially trained team will be able to assist.


Our Radiologists

At Castlereagh Imaging we pride ourselves on the quality and experience of our caring staff. Our team of imaging specialists covers a broad spectrum of sub-specialties and as such offer the complete range of diagnostic imaging and interventional services. 

Cas Imaging For Doctors

For Doctors

Castlereagh Imaging is very proud to be managed and operated by Doctors for Doctors. Communication between our Radiologists and Nuclear Medicine Physicians and our Referrers is of immense value to us.

At Castlereagh Imaging we are dedicated to providing our referring clinicians with the highest quality, personalised service. We have embraced the use of information technology to provide fast, effective and accurate communication between our referrers and our staff.

By Doctors for Doctors

Castlereagh Imaging is very proud to be managed and operated by Doctors for Doctors.